Here are some tips to help you troubleshoot through some of the connection or syncing problems players sometimes see:
  • If you get a 'No Connection' error then try again in about 5 minutes or later. This can depend heavily on the quality of your internet connection so WiFi is ideal.
  • Once connected to Facebook, it may take a little time for the game to fully update with your data and that of your friends. Make sure that you're online, and once you've played a level or two, everything should have updated. Force closing and restarting the app may also help get you fully up to date more quickly. 
  • If after you've played a level and restarted the game you're still not seeing the right data, check the Settings menu (accessed via the cog-wheel in the top right hand corner). If you see a 'Sync Progress' button then your Facebook connection was not made successfully. Make sure you're online, and try syncing again. If you see a 'Disconnect' button then you have a successful connection to Facebook.Check the text below the button to make sure you're connected to the right account. If you have logged into the wrong account, then press disconnect and quit the app. Sign out of Facebook in both your device's browser and the Facebook app if installed, and then relaunch the game and repeat the login process. 
  • If your progress doesn't appear to be updating fully between devices try restarting the app on the original device while having access to an internet connection, to ensure that the most up-to-date data is uploaded properly before you access it on the secondary device.

Should you still not succeed in solving your problems with these tips then please e-mail for assistance.