Booster Boxes apply beneficial effects to the game board at the beginning of a level. All Boosters are randomly selected, with each having a 20% chance of appearing:

  • Dynamite: Clears all the Dots of the same color where the dynamite is placed.
  • Waterfall: All the Dots on the board are painted the same color.
  • Sure Shot: Removes all Dots in a cross shape, randomly eliminating one entire column and row.
  • Force Flood: Paints sections to create squares of Dots.
  • Air Strike: Drops bombs in random locations.

However, please note that some levels specifically exclude the use of Booster Boxes or specific Boosters that do not work with the level design.

Booster Boxes can be acquired with Gold in the Store, occasionally from the Daily Calendar, with Golden Keys, and as event rewards.