As you plunge into the wine-dark ocean, what might you expect to find? Fish? Shipwrecks? Noodles the Squid, getting ready for a round of ice-skating? 


Whatever you expected, it probably wasn’t this: Remnants of an ancient civilization, lost to time and darkness, yet somehow still gilded and shining beneath the waves. Atlantis, the legendary sunken city! You’ve finally found this mythical blast from the past…but is it actually a look at the future?


When Plato wrote about Atlantis, he wasn’t detailing a history. The lost city, its wealth and splendor literally sunk out of sight, is an allegory for humanity’s hubris. Much like those who boast they can totally clear a Fire Dots level in one try (Tell us your secrets, please!), the citizens of Atlantis were confident until, suddenly, they had nothing left to be confident about.


Let’s not disappoint Plato! There’s no need to create another Atlantis, metaphorical or real. We have all the power and knowledge we need to prevent more cities from sinking. It’s not too late to start taking serious steps toward fighting climate change and keeping our Dots dry! This Earth Day, we want everyone to recognize and fight for a better environment, a better world, and a brighter future. (Especially our team—after all, we can’t create more levels if all our computers are underwater!)