Season Pass is a limited-time, progression-based feature where players can earn rewards just for playing the game. The more you play, the more rewards you unlock during the season!


Do I have to pay to participate in the Season Pass? 

No, all players will have free access to the rewards in the Season Pass Free Tier. However, if you do purchase the Premium Season Pass, you will also gain access to the Premium Tier and earn even more rewards for playing!


If I buy the Season Pass late in the season, do I get all the previous rewards? 

Yes. If you purchase the Premium Season Pass, you will immediately get access to all the Premium Tiers you have already unlocked. Also, you will still be able to earn additional tiers by continuing to play during that Season.


How long is a Season? 

Each Season in Two Dots will last approximately 30 days. 


Does a Season Pass last for a specific period of time? 

Yes. The Season Pass only lasts for the current season, which will always be approximately 30 days. 


How do I get a Premium Season Pass? 

Tap the Season Pass button on the main Saga Map screen to open the menu. Next, tap the Activate button in the top right corner, and complete the purchase. You’ll then have access to all of the Premium Tier rewards!


How do I earn Tier Rewards from the Season Pass? 

To earn your Season Pass rewards, simply play Two Dots! Each time you earn Stars by playing any game mode, you will progress along both Season Pass tiers. One note - only modes that grant Stars will count toward Season Pass rewards! Replaying old levels will not award Stars and will not help you progress along the Season Pass. 


How do I earn XP to unlock Tier Rewards? 

Beat levels in Saga, Treasure Hunts, and Rewinds, or complete Scavenger Hunt Tiers, to earn Stars. You’ll also progress along your Season Pass tiers! 


Do I have to claim rewards immediately after unlocking/ earning them? 

No. You can claim all the rewards you’ve earned so far anytime during the season.


What happens if I don't claim all my rewards before the Season Pass expires? 

If the current Season ends and you haven’t claimed all your Season Pass rewards, you’ll see a popup showing everything you earned. Those goodies will automatically be added to your account.