Yes, you can, there are also a number of requirements for proper synchronization:
  1. You must have the same game version on both devices you want to sync.
  2. Both devices must meet the minimum system requirements.
You can either synchronize your player data by Logging into Facebook or by using a restore code.

Follow these steps to synchronize your devices with Facebook:
  1. Connect to Facebook in the game settings or on the title screen on the device that has the save you want to keep.
  2. On your secondary device log into the same Facebook Account.
  3. Your account now will synchronize between your devices.

Follow these steps to synchronize your devices with a Restore Code.
  1. Locate the restore code of the save that you want your other device to sync with.
    1. If you need help locating your restore code you can find instructions here
  2. On the secondary device press the “Get Restore Code” button. You can find this button on the:
    1. Title screen
    2. Game settings menu
      1. Press the “Enter Restore Code” button
      2. Tap “Already have a code?”
  3. Input your restore code and once you have confirmed that this is the appropriate account. Press “Switch Accounts”