A Restore Code is a unique code that will allow you to sync, login, and transfer your save between multiple devices. We recommend keeping your restore code somewhere safe in the event that you lose your device or need to restore your account. We'd advise sending this code to yourself via email for safekeeping.

You can find your restore code by clicking the “Get Restore Code” button in the settings menu:

Your restore code will only be valid for 5 restores. After using your restore code 5 times, it will become invalid and you will need to generate a new Restore Code by accessing the “Get Restore Code” button.

How do I use my code? Learn more here.

Keep your account safe and do not share your restore code with anyone.
  1. Never share your account restore code to anyone other than yourself. Dots employees will NEVER ask for your exact restore code.
  2. Avoid logging into your account on someone else's device or a device that you do not trust.